10 Essential Tips to Grow a Healthy Pug | Health Tips for...

10 Essential Tips to Grow a Healthy Pug | Health Tips for Pugs

pug health tips

There are some health tips for pugs that, if you are an experienced owner you can read once, if you are a beginner you should study!

01. Pug & Owner

Pugs love to spend time with you, it is their reason for living, as well as eat, sleep and occasionally do some farts.

You should commit yourself to find each day some time to spend with your dog or he will start to feel sad. Remember that if you wanna have an healthy pug you must made him happy.

Puppies have much need to play as well as adults need companionship.


02. Pug & Weight

Keep your pug slim and fit. Many people think that a Pug is supposed to be fat. It’s false. Pugs have round features, it’s true but they are muscular and solid dogs.
Avoid to feed your Pug with too much human food ( 20 Dangerous Foods for Pug7 Foods you can Share with your Pug), use dry chow, and consult your veterinarian regarding how much your Pug should eat.


03. Pug & Sport

We all know that Pugs sleep average 14 hours a day. That’s ok. But on the other 10 hours they should do some sport. What is the best sport for a pug dog?
A walk in the park. During the hot days: always carry fresh water, try to make him walk in the shade, when it’s possible go out early in the morning or in the evening (Pugs in Hot Weather).

04. Pug & Face Cleaning

Think about the wrinkles around your Pug’s face as an ideal grounds for bacteria. You have to clean the space between each fold of skin daily to avoid infections. You can use a pet cleaning solution or baby wipes.


05. Pug & Breath

It happens sometimes that an excited pug starts gasping. You don’t have to worry. To help him you can gently cover his nose to make him breath with his mouth, it usually helps.


06. Pug & Smoke

Do not smoke near your Pug. You wanna smoke, do it. It’s a your problem.
But be aware that if you smoke in the same room where there is your pug, he is forced to breath all that shit.
Pugs have enough trouble breathing as it is, don’t make it worse.
If you really love your pet, please smoke outdoor.

Your pug loves to smoke cigars? Well, this is another issue that should be addressed in a fun way: How to Educate your Pug.


07. Pug & Hot Weather

Check the thermometer and remember that pugs need water and shadow during summertime. (Pug Overheating).

08. Pug & Teeth Care

If your pug has healthy teeth he can digest better and avoid a lot of infections.

Dental care for dogs?

You can find spacifically created bones like milk bone. in pet stores or – to save some money – on Internet.

pug teeth milk bonesSometimes you should also brush his teeth. It’s not that difficult once you learn how and by all means you can ask your vet for advice on how to do it.


09. Pug & Parasites

Ticks and Fleas are not the only concern of a pug owner but they are the worsts. We must also pay attention to worms and mosquitoes as much as possible.

You can use Frontline or other products suggested by your veterinary.pug frontline


10. Pug & Hairs Shedding

This is not a health problem of your pug, but it can become a big problem for you ! An article focused to the issue is coming. Stay tuned! Follow Us on Facebook.

Looking for other Health Tips for Pugs ?

These 10 are just few suggestions, to grow an happy and healthy pug it takes a lot more!
You can find some good information in this brand new manual, it has great reviews!tips-pug-health



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