9 tips to make your home safe for a pug puppy

9 tips to make your home safe for a pug puppy


Pug Puppy proofing your home

Make your home safe for your pug puppy is not much different from making it safe for a child.

01. Keep any ELECTRICAL CORDS out of sight. You can tape them to the back of your fornitures or on walls. You have to be sure that your puppy cannot reach them because sometimes you will need to take your eyes off of him, and you have to be sure that he don’t risk to bite dangerous electric cables.

This is a good way to hide electrical cords.

02. Insecticides, detergents, disinfectants and any other DANGEROUS CHEMICAL should be locked or out of his reach, on high shelves.

03. It’s better to put your PLANTS outside. It’s for the safety of your plants but also for the health of your pug. There are many plants that are poisonous if the trees or leaves are chewed like wisteria, rhododendron, oleander and poinsettia.

04. Move any BREAKABLE OBJECT out of reach. This advice can not only save your things but also your puppy life, what would happen if he broke a glass object? It is better not to have to know the answer.

05. GATES and NETS must be installed to prevent your puppy to leave the yard or worse to fall from the balcony. Applied safety nets to prevent any possible danger to your pug puppy.

06. GARBAGE CONTAINERS must be placed where the pug puppy cannot gain access. A good idea can be to place them under the sink.

07. The BATHROOM door should always kept closed and, even more important, the toilet seat should always be down. Always!

08. If your house has several floors, then you should install a BABY GATES before the stairs. When he grows there will be no problem with stairs, but as long as he will puppy, he can fall down stairs.

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09. Last but not least: fill your home with love!