Pug Attacks | Funny Videos that a Pug should never see

Pug Attacks | Funny Videos that a Pug should never see

pug attacks

Be aware of the danger: you can be the next victim of pug attacks! They say that the pug is an affectionate and docile dog. It is always true? Probably not.

The pug is a small dog, a funny looking pet but in his heart there is burning fire. When he loses control, there may be trouble for everyone, expecially if you’re hiding some food or if you’re trying to challenge him.

Pug Attacks

One thing to never do: never challenge a pug to take some food, you will end badly.

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Videos that a Pug should never see

If you decide to bark at your pug, then you must be ready to pay the consequences…

The pug is a rebellious animal, and he does not care that much if you are a policeman, if he decided that he should bark at you, he will do!

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And especially when they are puppies and they move in packs, that’s the time when they are most dangerous!

Now, you’re not scared enough by the furious pug attacks?

Do not allow your pug to see these videos, or there’ll be trouble.

N.B. No human has ever truly been in danger for the realization of these videos.

pug attacks

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