Pug Bath | How to Bath your Pug – Check List

Pug Bath | How to Bath your Pug – Check List

pug bath

Pug Bath. Clean Pug. Pug Care.

Are you ready to bathe your pug?

Most pugs are happy to be bathed as long as it is done with care. There are some that react badly to the shower so do not keep the pressure too high. When bathing your pug always work to a routine to ensure that the job is done thoroughly.

1. Make sure that you have all your equipment to hand.

Before you start bathing your dog it is essential that all the equipment is at hand so that you do not leave the dog unattended. The equipment required includes shampoo, conditioner, sponge, bucket, moisture absorbent cloth, towels and bathing restraints.

2. The Shampoo

There are five main types of shampoo:

  • Cleansing: These contain a strong substance that acts against grease and dirt.
  • Mild: These remove grease and dirt, leaving in some of the natural oils.
  • Medicated: These contain mild anti-bacterial products that act on the skin.
  • Veterinary: These are prescribed by vets for particular skin conditions.
  • Insecticidal: These kill parasites.



3. The Pug Bath

Check the water temperature, prepare the shampoo and place your pug in the bath.

Wet the pug thoroughly:

  • Start behind the shoulders.
  • Work backwards over the body, down the legs and tail.
  • Finally wet the head.
  • Work the water through the coat to ensure total saturation.
  • Take care not to get water in the nose or ears (ear canal).

Check and empty the anal glands if necessary.

Apply shampoo to:

  • Tail.
  • Back legs to the feet.
  • Body and undercarriage.
  • Front legs to feet.
  • Shoulders and chest.
  • Head and beard.


  • Rinse the pug from head to tail.
  • Second shampoo and second rinse.
  • Conditioner if appropriate.
  • Rinse thoroughly.
  • Squeeze the excess water and towel dry your pug.


If you have not skipped any step… well done!
You offered your pug a perfect bath!!