Pug Bath | Pugs who love to bathe | 7 Pug Dog...

Pug Bath | Pugs who love to bathe | 7 Pug Dog Videos

pug bath

Ready for pug bath time ?
There are pugs who love to bathe and other who really hate it.
But even if they hate it, it’s possible to made them love these moments with a few tricks.

Here, however, we are focusing on the pugs who love to bathe. And here they are!

Pug Bath Time – 7 Vids

01. Barry The Pug In The Tub. 

This is Barry, a pug who really loves it! Look at how much he is enjoying this magic moment. Almost better than getting cuddles and kisses, he seems to think.
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02. Bubble bath for Grover the Pug

Grover the pug is really excited while watching a bathtub filled with water and bubbles for him. And what happens next?
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03. Pug gets excited for bath time

Here is an amazing pug who get really excited just by listening to the word “bath”.
You have to watch it, it’s so funny!!


04. Pug Relaxing and sleeping in Bath

I’m sure you’ve heard your pug snoring before. But I’m quite sure that you’ve never heard him snoring in this situation, in this position.

05. 80 Seconds Of Precious Pug Puppies In A Tub

This video is very sweet, three black pugs puppies at bath time.
Take care to keep the shampoo away from their eyes, they are very delicate ! Also when they are grown up.


06. Sumo the Pug takes a bath

A nice home video. And this is the right way to use the hair dryer, this is the right distance at which keep it !

07. Pug Bath Time

Behold, this is definitely the right music to use as a soundtrack for pug bath time.
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