Pug Beds | 10 Amazing Ideas for a Pug Bed

Pug Beds | 10 Amazing Ideas for a Pug Bed

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Pug beds ? If you decide that the ideal place for the nights of your pug dog is not your bed, then you have to think about a different solution for him. Here there are some things you need to know and some wonderful ideas.

Characteristics of Pug Beds

Pugs need a small bed, comfortable, robust enough to withstand their weight and warm. Pugs like to curl up and feel secure, so you’ve got to think about it when choosing their bed.

There are many different types of dog beds for pugs that meet these requirements. Here you’ll find the best ideas we have found on Instagram!

Find out who are the 10 most popular pugs on Instagram.

Pug Beds are also their homes, and then welcome in the homes of pugs!

welcome pug bed

10 Pug Beds Ideas

01. A Vintage Suitcase

pug bed vintage suitcase

This is a very cool idea, an amazing bed for pugs who love vintage & comfort!


02. A Castle

pug bed tent castle

The pug was already the king of our home, now he is also the king of his own castle.



03. A Shark

pug bed shark

It may sound weird to live in the mouth of a shark, but it can be very cool. Make sure that your pug has never seen the movie, or he will never approach the shark !



04. A Sweet Tent

pug bed tent pois

A polka-dot tent is perfect for the awakening of a lion.


05. Bodyguards

pug beds guardians

As we said before, pugs love to feel safe. This small army of Chewbaccas is there to protect him ! What a serene smile, Chewbaccas guards do their job !


06. A Futuristic Sphere

pug beds futuristic

Here it is, a wonderful idea that comes from the future, a beautiful and minimalistic white sphere.

07. Three Steps from Paradise

pug beds steps

It is a normal doghouse, it’s true. But look at those steps…


08. A Lady Owl

pug beds owl

Sleep with the sweet softness of a hug from a lady owl.


09. A King Bed

pug beds king

This is a bed fit for a king, or for an ancient Roman nobleman, or better for a pug!


10. The Favorite House

pug beds cake

You can find the most beautiful and comfortable home for your pug, but it will never be more appreciated than this delicious cake!

N.B. It is a beautiful cake, but do not allow your pug to eat it ! Why ? Read it: 20 Dangerous Foods For Pug




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