Pug Begging for Food | How to Correct this Behaviour

Pug Begging for Food | How to Correct this Behaviour

pug begging for food

Pugs know the right way to beg, and get what they want.
How they do it? Sometime they just look at you with their big eyes, in some cases they gently caress you, in other cases they jump and bark.

If your Pug begs for food on a regular basis, some changes should be made.

Why you should train your pug to stop begging for food?

A change can make life easier for you, especially when you are eating, but it will also improve the life quality of your Pug making him calmer and happier.

If you always think that you need something that really is not needed, weel it’s not that relaxing.

Furthermore, begging for food that isn’t part of a healthy diet and getting it, will affect his health over time.

You should also think about this: not all the human foods are good for pugs! If you want to know more read this article: 20 dangerous foods for pug

Step one: understand why Pugs beg.

A Pug beg for one of these two reasons:

1. He desperately wants some food and doesn’t know if he will get it. So he tries and sees what happen.

2. He knows that he will get it. He knows if he begs hard and long enough, he will receive some human food.

Step two: understand why you give him some food.

When you hand over that piece of food you feel as if you are showing love. It’s quite normal, when we love someone, we want to make him happy, even if it is only temporary.

What you should do? Just think in the long run!
Your pug will be calmer, happier and healthier if you will be able to made him lose this behaviour.
If you really love somebody, it’s better to think at what is best for him in the long run.

Step 3: train your Pug to learn that begging will not bring desired results.

It is easier said than done and it will take some willpower and a bit of time.
Here are the steps to follow:

1. Decide what snacks and treats your Pug is allowed and not allowed to eat. If there are foods that your Pug begs for, that you think are okay for him to eat, it’s best to put these into his meals.

2. Everyone must be in agreement. All the family must be involved into this training or the entire training effort will be done in vain.

3. Do not give in. Be patient. Your pug soon or later will stop begging. The key is to outlast them. All their begging must be 100% completely ignored.


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