Pug Destructive Chewing | 8 Tips for Pug Behavior Training

Pug Destructive Chewing | 8 Tips for Pug Behavior Training

pug destructive chewing

We have hands and thumbs that let us pick and feel things. For pugs, their mouths work as their hands.That’s the reason why pug dogs use their mouth for everything.
They naturally experience the world through biting things. So not all chewing is bad. It’s only the destructive part that we need to stop.
What counts as destructive chewing?
Cables, phones, clothes, shoes, furniture,… anything that you don’t want your pug to chew on.

Understand Pug Destructive Chewing

The first step to solve a behavioral problem is to understand the reason why your dog do that.

01. Teething. Pug puppies need to use they teeth, and everything can be an amazing toy for them.

02. Boredom. Imagine that you have to stay at home for many hours without tv, smartphone, pc, books, games,… a lot of hours and nothing that you can do to entertain yourself. It’s not that fun. In that situation chewing is just an hobby to make time pass.

03. Anxiety. Some pugs have a fear of being left home alone, because they are afraid of being abandoned and they become anxious.
Like us when we are anxious we start to smoke, eat us fingernails, scratching, or eating junk food… pug dogs chew things.

8 Solutions to Pug Destructive Chewing

01. Provide your pug with things that he is allowed to chew. Make sure that he always have something to chew. This is a very good reason to buy some dog toys.

02. Do not let anything that you do not want that he chew at his reach. Your pug doesn’t understand the difference between a toy and a shoe.

03. Never play, even for a moment, with objects that you do not want him to bite. Never give your pug old clothes or household items to chew on. He cannot distinguish between discarded items and a current expensive one.

04. When you catch him while he is chewing something that you do not want, get his attention, show him his mistake and give him a toy. If he seems not interested by the toy, play just a few minutes with him until he get interested.

05. Playing always with the same toys can be boring so rotate this toys.

06. When your pug puppy is teething give him some extra toys, and provide him of some edible toys too. If you want to get more tips about growing a healthy pug: 10 Essential Tips to Grow a Healthy Pug.

07. Praise him when he chews on an approximate toy. If you want to know more about how to praise him: Healthy Rewards for Pugs.

08. Never chase the animal to retrieve the object he was chewing. When you give chase, he thinks that you want to play. The chase becomes a game. He probably remembers this and will try to repeat the process.

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