Pug Exercise | Tips to Grow a Healthy Pug

Pug Exercise | Tips to Grow a Healthy Pug

pug exercise

To grow a healthy pug exercise in very important. As we all know obesity is a major concern for pugs, so some sport is necessary.

But you do not have to exceed because too much exercise can be dangerous. In fact pugs have breath problems, a little heart and they are at risk of overheating.

You have to find a good balance.

3 Good Ideas for Pug Exercise

01. Go for a walk

It’s very important to offer daily exercise to your pug dog, and a walk is a simple and good way. A walk of about half an hour can be great to maintain muscle tone, can be good for the heart and makes them burn calories.

If you prefer you can split this activity in two walking sessions of about 15 minutes during the day.

Important: when it’s hot you must not take it outside , in the summer you should prefer the early morning or the evening. To know more: Pugs Overheating

To make walking a pleasant time you can choose to devote some time to teach your pug to walk close to your feet.

If the weather is bad it is possible that your dog refuses to go out. One solution may be a coat for dog , another may be playing at home.

02. Play at Home

When the weather is bad you can choose to play with your dog at home. You don’t need many things: a room or a corridor, a ball or any other game.

He will be happy to play with you even if the game is not much fun because he is pleased to have your attention. A bit of imagination is necessary and also your hand or your foot can be a good game for him.


03. Swim in a Pool

If the weather is nice and you are lucky enough to have even a small swimming pool, swimming can be an excellent exercise for your pug.

A Life Jacket for dog can be a smart solution so that you can relax in the sun and not have to stay with your eyes fixed on the dog.

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