Pug Farts | Natural Solutions to Solve your Pug’s Farts Problem

Pug Farts | Natural Solutions to Solve your Pug’s Farts Problem

pug farts

Pugs fart, it is not a secret.
But the real question is: why pugs have this tendency to develop intestinal gas ?
There are several factors that cause this problem.

01. The pug is a very hungry dog, and he is never calm when eating. With the aim to eat quickly, they rarely pause to chew and often swallow a lot of air. We have not yet discovered the secret method to teach the pug to eat slowly, if you know please let us know.
Meanwhile what we can do is to cut food into small pieces to avoid as much as possible to their non-chewing way of eating.

02. Including foods such as beans, cauliflower, cabbage and soy in their diet can worsen the problem because they are all highly fermentable foods. If the farts problem is very important, then it’s better to avoid these foods.

03. This problem can be exacerbated by a possible intolerance to wheat and corn. Talk to the veterinary about the possibility of this intolerance in your pug.

Now that we know these factors, let’s talk about some things you can do to minimize the number of pug farts.

Solutions to Pugs Fart Problems

01. Well, if you notice that your pug is farting all the time, the best solution is to bring him to his veterinary.

02. Avoid all the foods that conatin wheat, soy and corn. Choose foods that include high-quality proteins such as fish or meat. Remember that you should always carefully read the ingredients when you buy a box of food for dogs.

03. Be careful with human food, because it can cause dog farts. Many foods that are good and healthy for us are poisons to pug. If you want to know more about it read this articole: 20 Dangerous Foods for Pug.

04. Can I give activated charcoal to my pug dog ​​? It can be very effective at absorbing excessive flatulence gas and removing toxins. Activated charcoal is not metabolized or digested in any way in your pug’s body. The recommended dosage is 5 grams for each 10 pounds of body weight. You can dissolve the carbon in the water , or try to make him swallow the pill , but without food. The best time is 1 or 2 hours before meals.

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