Pug Food | The Right Food to grow a Healthy Pug

Pug Food | The Right Food to grow a Healthy Pug

pug food

For a pug food is very important. For them the food is more than a necessity, it is the spice of life.

Pugs are awesome, they are great companions for those who live in apartments or prefer to have a small dog.
What pugs need? A lot of love, a bit of daily exercise, many hours of sleep and some healthy food.
The breed does have some health issue but they can be mitigated by a good diet.

Pugs have a tendency to weight gain and obesity, these factors can increase the health issues rate. Remeber that daily exercise and good food makes the pug healthy.

Choose the Right Pug Food

For a pug weighing 18 pounds it is recommended an average daily caloric intake of about 700 calories. The dog should need some more or less in relation to his level of activities and his age. Older pugs need less food than youngers.

They need about 22% of protein and 7% of fat. Remember that omega-3 and omega-6 are very good for your pug’s skin and coat.

pug food adult

Pug puppies need more calories to weight ratio compared to an adult and a greater amount of protein for growth (about 22-24%).

pug food puppy

Some pugs can also have some allergy or skin problems. These conditions are related to the immune system but some pug get better after a changing in his diet. Your Pug can have food allergies or food sensitivities, in these cases you should work together with your veterinarian to identify the triggers so you can choose foods he can safely eat.

What pug food you’ll choose? Home cooking food, manufactured kibble, or a mix.  In any case the most important thing is to be aware of ingredients.

If you choose to give him home cooked food, please be aware that not every human food is healthy for a pug. To Know More: 20 Dangerous Foods for Pug.

About the manifactured kibble it’s very important to read the ingredients. They are not all the same, some are better some are worst.

Usually the more costly are healthier than their cheap counterparts. You must remember that you get what you pay for.
But there can be some exception, read the ingredients even if it’s an expensive food.


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