Pug Games | 5 Ideas for Playing with your Pug

Pug Games | 5 Ideas for Playing with your Pug

pug games

Which pug games you already know?

You know that pugs are cute and playful dogs.

When puppies, they are full of energy and want to run and do outdoor activities.

When pugs become adults, they prefer home games and quieter activities.

Here you’ll find some amazing ideas for playing with your pet.

5 Pug Games

01. Pug playing Pool

Perhaps the pugs were not created to play pool but if you put one of them on the table with balls, you will see a pug have a great time !

pug games billiards

02. Pug playing Cards

You have to accept it. Your pug is much better than you at playing cards !
Don’t let your friends know it, keep the pug in your arms and let him choose your play.
That’s the way many pug owners use to win.

pug games cards

03. Pug playing Scrabble

The pug does not know many words but if they can form words that concern them or relate to the food, they have no rivals in scrabble.

pug games scrubble

04. Pug playing Monopoly

Pugs are not very adept at handling the money but they are certainly very lucky to roll the dice.
We do not suggest you to play Monopoly against a pug .

pug games monopoly

05. Pug playing Pug-o-poly

This is the game in which the pugs have no rivals, they always win. This game was created especially for them.
They allow you to win some time because they are afraid that if you lose every time you will no longer want to play with them.
The truth is that they have made ​​you win.

pug games pugopoly

They will look at you with their big eyes asking you to play one more game.

pug game pugopoly

Be careful when your pugs are playing pugopoly by themself. You know, when you play these games, friendships can end in a moment.

pug play pugopoly game

Are you wondering where you can find this amazing pug game ?

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