Pug Hairs | 3 Tips you must know to survive

Pug Hairs | 3 Tips you must know to survive

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Deal with pug hairs. Pug hair loss. Pug dog shedding.

All pugs owners have to deal with this problem: pug hairs. The level of shedding for this dogs is severe.

I love small dogs but I hate hairs!

Don’t take a Pug

Unlike many others breeds, the pug doesn’t shed only seasonally. Pugs shed constantly.

Or at least choose a Black Pug

Racism? No, of course!
Black pugs have only one coat of hair, instead fawn pugs have two. Double coat means much more hairs everywhere.

Ok! So you have a Fawn Pug

Great choice, they are amazing. Let’s see what can be done to deal with pug hairs.

3 Tips to deal with Pug Hairs

01. A Professional Brush

Brushing your pug every day may sound challenging, but it is enough to replace a bit of daily caresses with some passage of brush.
If you can, do it outside. But above all never on a carpet. It would be the worst mistake of your life: you will spend a week cleaning the carpet.

Which brush should I choose? A professional one!
You can find many different models, read the reviews.
We recommend these because they have the best reviews of all:

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02. Bathe once a month

You should bathe your pug once a month but you can do it up to once a week if you use an Extra Mild Hypoallergenic Shampoo. This is very important because pugs have very delicate skin prone to dermatitis.

To know more about bathing a pug: Pugs who love to bathe.

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03. A Turbo Aid to Clean the House

A Brush Turbo may be the only way to clean carpets, couches, pillows, inside the car, and any other tissue.

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