Pug Overheating | Pugs in Hot Weather | 4 Tips for the...

Pug Overheating | Pugs in Hot Weather | 4 Tips for the Summer

pug overheating

Pugs are very sensitive to heat and humidity, and because of this it is important to be aware of the climate conditions and of the home temperature.

Be careful, because overheating and heat strokes can be potentially deadly.

It’s not uncommon to find Pugs enjoy laying outside at the full sun. Remeber that it’s up to you to be careful, they really don’t know any better.

4 Tips to prevent pug overheating

01. During the hottest days of the year at pugs should not be allowed to stay outside for more than 15 consecutive minutes.
Remember that the best solution is always prevention: a small inflatable swimming pool set in the shade can be a good idea.

02. ALWAYS have cold water available for your pug dog.
For example you can leave the house with a bottle of frozen water, it will thaw during the day and you’ll always have fresh water available for your pug dog.

03. NEVER leave your pug alone in the car during warm months. Only for 5 minutes? I enter the shop, pay and go out in a flash. NO, NEVER.

04. When walking your pug, try do early in the morning or later at night. When outside, if possible try to keep your pug in the shade.
A small strip of shade is sufficient for your pug, fortunately they are very low.

What to do in case your pug suffers an heat stroke?

Your Pug is suffering an overheating?
A quick and easy way to cool the body temperature of a Pug is give him fresh water to drink and wrap him in a towel soaked in cool water.
As soon as he seems to be gaining some comfort proceed to your veterinary.

N.B. It is up to you to protect your Pug from overheating, they can’t protect themselves. These animals were selected to be looked after by the man and not to survive alone in nature.