Pugs by the Sea | 8 Things your Pug can do at...

Pugs by the Sea | 8 Things your Pug can do at Sea

pugs by the sea

Have you ever brought your pugs by the sea? You should do it this year!
If you think your pug will be bored by the sea, if you can’t imagine what your pug dog can do there…

8 Things your Pug can do at Sea.

01. Being bored and yawning.

pug at sea yawn

Maybe at first, he could not enjoy himself. But when your pug will get used to the sea all will be a blast!


02. Running

pug sea run

They can run where the sea water is very low. It will be really fun to see your pug dog jumping into the water.

03. Learing to surf

pug sea surfing mum

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Practicing on mum’s back, pugs can take their first steps in the world of surfing. They will love playing, you will love it maybe a little less.


04. Surfing

pug sea surf
pug love sea surf

With a little help pug dogs can become skilled surfers. Remember that they should always wear a life jacket!

For their safety, you should always make them wear a life jacket. There are several models specifically designed for small dogs.

This is the one we recommend:




05. Beeing Bat-Man

pug batman

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Every place is perfect to be a Bat-man. Remeber that in life you should always be yourself, unless you can be a Bat-man. In that case, be the Bat-man.

06. Playing with friends

pug at sea playing with friends

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The Pug is a very sociable dog and in no time he will have more friends at the beach, than you can have in your lifetime.
It’s important that you are prepared to this: your pug will not want to go home anymore.
I’m joking. Every pug want to go back home.


07. Walking at sunset

pug sea sunset
pug at sea walking sunset

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It will be wonderful to walk on the beach with your loved pug dog at sunset, really extraordinary. One of those moments that make life worth living.


08. Being attacked

pug shark sea

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I know it sounds weird but it can happen. While you are lying on an inflatable crocodile, smiling at the sun, a pug shark is coming at your back ready to attack. This must be a frightening situation !

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