Pugs can Swim ?

Pugs can Swim ?

pugs can swim

Are you wondering if pugs can swim?

The pug was not created for swimming, that’s for sure.
Some Pugs love to swim, others are frightened by high water, and someone is terrified even by low water.

How do I know if my pug dog ​​likes to swim ? You can try to put him in a swimming pool or into the sea, near the shore, when there are no waves.

Important advice ! You must always be very close to your pet during his early experiences.

Well, pug dogs are not great swimmers, and they can not become very fast in water. It’s impossible.

As you can see in these videos they are not that bad and with some practice pugs can improve their style.

Pugs can swim

For their safety, you should always make them wear a life jacket. There are several models specifically designed for small dogs.

This is the one we recommend:


There are other pugs who really dislike swimming as the one in these funny video:

And for every pug who hate swimming there is one who really love it. In the following video you can see a lovely black pug who really enjoy his pool experience.

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