pug surf board

Pug Surf | How to Teach Surfing to a Pug

They say that the pug is not a sports lover ? Do you think they are right ? Well, they are wrong because Pugs...

10 Pugs in Carnival Costumes vol.2

Back to Pugs in Carnival Costumes - 1 to 10 - 11. Spider Pug_____ 12. Bat Pug_____ 13. Mister T-Pug// 14. Indiana Pug _____ 15. Pirate Pug_____ 16. Pug SharkPug_Funny_Books 17. Joda Pug_____ 18. Pug Shuttle_____ 19. Doctor Pug...
celebrities owned by pugs

Celebrities owned by Pugs

Celebrities know very well that pugs are very loyal friends. They are funny and very affectionate, and is easy for everybody to fall in love...
pug in costume

Pug in Costume | 10 cool ideas for pug halloween costumes

A pug in costume is one of the funniest thing that we can see in this crazy world. You can find thousands of nice ideas...