How to Teach your Pug to Sit in 5 easy step

How to Teach your Pug to Sit in 5 easy step

teach your pug to sit

One of the first skills that a owner should teach to his Pug is to sit on command. It can be very useful in many public situations when it is necessary keep your dog calm and quite.

A great routine to teach your pug to sit on command in 5 easy steps

01. You should stand just in front of him and say with clear voice “SIT”. Hold a treat quite near his nose.

02. Move the treat slowly up towards the top of his head. He will follow the treat with his eyes and his nose, and doing it his rear will go to the ground and he will naturally be in a sitting position.


03. Once he is sat, give him the treat and say words of accomplishment. Repeat this step several times.

04. Then you have to teach him to do it without holding a treat in your hand. The treat will be in your pocket. Do the movement with your hand and say “SIT”, When he sit at your command, give him the treat that is in your pocket.

05. Now we have to remove the hand signal. You can do it gradually by reducing the movement of the hand. Continue to give him the treat whenever he sat on command.

Well done! Your pug is trained to sit and you do not have to give him the treat everytime he sat on command, but sometimes it will be useful to keep him well trained.

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