Teaching the Recall Command to your Pug | Pug Training

Teaching the Recall Command to your Pug | Pug Training

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The best place to begin your pug training is at home because it’s a familiar place and he won’t have distractions.

Puppies don’t have a long attention span, so you should create short training sessions.

Building a good relationship with your pug is important. You can begin, for example, by teaching him to jump over a little obstacle, first tasks should be easy and funny. You can also give him treats. Treats should be easy to eat to keep his attention on training.

PUG TRAINING: How to teach the recall command to your Pug: “COME”

It’s so important that your dog come immediately to you when called.

There are many dangerous situation that you can avoid calling your dog: the leash broke while you are walking near a road, you are at the park and a dangerous dog approaches your pug,… pug training is very important!

And if he is well trained to come, you surely give him more freedom to play and run.

The training for recall command requires two people.

One person is holding the dog while you are at about 10-15 feet away. Then you call him.

The other person is holding him while you are calling since his attention is fully on you. At that moment the other person should let him go.

As your puppy is coming to you, take a few step backwards to lure him further. Once your dog has reached you give him a lot of praise and a treat.

Then hold is collar for a few seconds, and then give him a lot of praise and a treat again. This is important because he has to understand that you taking his collar doesn’t mean the end of the party!

When he his well trained, you can hide and call him.

N.B. Never repeat the command “come” during the training because this would teach him that he doesn’t need to come to you right now because you will continue calling him. Say “come” one time.

When he is very well trained you can add distractions!

Then your pug training to the recall command can be considered accomplished.

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