How to Train your Pug to enjoy your Walks together

How to Train your Pug to enjoy your Walks together

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How to Train your Pug to enjoy your Walks together

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Walking a Pug is essential to grant him an healthy and active life. The pug is an active animal when he is young and a bit lazy when he becomes an adult. But it is important to involve them in appropriate sports activities.

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Walking your Pug dog can be a frustrating experience if your pug doesn’t behave in a right way: a Pug can pull, or sit down and refuses to walk, become excited or distracted and these behaviours can make the walk stressful or even dangerous.

Why a Pug pulls?

You have to understand that it is not a natural feeling for a dog to be constrained by a leash. He wants to run, to explore sniffing the world, to urinate on every spot he can to spread his smell.

Unfortunately this world in not the safest place for him to run free, and that’s the reason why you have yo estabilish a good walking behaviour as soon as you can.

To train a pug to attend your walks in a proper way you should create a good routine:

  1. Walk him every day.
  2. Maintain a fast pace to reduce the opportunities of distraction.
  3. If he is very excited you can tire him a little bit at home by playing a game together.
  4. Choose a few places where he can take his time exploring and sniffing around.

Why a Pug refuses to walk?

There can be many reasons why your pug refuses to walk and it’s at you to understand which one is the right one at the moment.

  1. He can be tired.
  2. It’s the time when another member of the family usually come back home.
  3. It’s raining.
  4. It’s too hot.
  5. He is capricious.

He seems tired? If he had a long walk early in the morning or he had played a lot at home he can be obviously tired, and it is his right! Don’t force him.

If he is waiting for another member of the family, well, you have to accept that. He is a companion dog, not a dog for sport and it is in his nature to prefer to wait for a member of the pack instead of going out for a walk.

It’s raining? Use an umbrella to cover him and get him used to walk in the rain since puppy.

It’s too hot. Your fault. He only want to save his life. During summer take him out early in the morning or late in the evening. To know more: Pug Overheating – 4 tips for summer

He is capricious? You can bring some rewards for him to walk: dog biscuits, pieces of apple,…

…or if you are a person like us who think that a proper diet is more then important, then you can try these healthy snacks for dog, the best we had ever tried.

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